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Chicken Curry

Instagram - Fusion dinner: curry chicken & veggies, broccoli rabe, wild rice pil

I had the privilege of growing up in a multi-cultural

neighborhood in suburban New Jersey, where I had friends whose roots originated all over the world. Because of that, I was exposed to a variety of cuisines I would've probably never tried, coming from an Italian- Polish- American family. However, I was lucky enough to sample authentic and homemade Indian food for the first time in middle school. I ate samosas, curry chicken, rice and lentils made an entirely different way than I was used to. After my sinuses were cleared, I thought: "I like this!" And I had seconds. Nowadays, I know that Indian food is not only delicious but very nutritious, with the amazing antioxidant properties of its staple spices like turmeric and cumin, and its high-fiber, high vegetable content. I made my own version of curry chicken, which I'm told is probably more Thai than Indian, but it's the Indian flavors I grew up with that inspired this dish.

RECIPE EPISODE: coming soon!

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