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About Graziella TV

How It All Began...

In 2008 when Graziella became Ms. United States, she was looking for a way to promote her platforms on a wider scale without traveling so much, and keeping costs to a minimum.  Her answer was Graziella TV.  Using Ustream, and other services to broadcast her live show, she discussed healthy habits for life, empowering women, technology and food among other lifestyle topics.  As an early techie- adopter, she used Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to promote her show and gain a greater audience for her messages; becoming the first beauty queen on twitter.  Graziella continues to write, produce and perform in her ever- evolving web tv show, always "serving up a hot dish of this- n- that!"  Graziella TV has been a featured show on Ustream, and   The GTV Fit Foodie series has been going strong since November 2010 with episodes on healthy recreations of Graziella's favorite dishes.  Graziella TV was formerly brought to you by Angel Sanchez Pictures from 2009- 2015.  After becoming a Mommy in 2015, along with many lifestyle changes (including GTV's Host site: shutting down), GTV is now entirely self- produced by Graziella.  It's official home has moved to YouTube, and it covers an eclectic blend of lifestyle topics from food (Fit Foodie series), to fitness, wellness, beauty and more. Graziella's culinary creations in her "Fit Foodie" episodes have really taken off, featured on, and have naturally expanded to a dedicated food blog at-

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