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Long Life Soup

This soup encompasses the idea of long life in a recipe with health-promoting, immune-boosting superfood ingredients such as mushrooms, grass-fed beef, kale, and literally everything else! It’s easily prepared in your instant pot, but it can be modified for stovetop too. The warming ginger, hearty beef and savory miso make it perfect for the cold winter months! It’s a family- friendly meal everyone enjoys and super easy to make!


  • 2 lb stew beef or steak tips, cubed*

  • 8 oz package shitaki mushrooms, sliced, stems removed

  • 16 oz package baby Bella mushrooms, sliced, stems removed

  • 6 cups chopped baby kale

  • 1 large onion

  • 6 cloves garlic

  • 4 cups chicken broth

  • 4 cups water

  • salt and pepper, enough to season the beef

  • 3 dashes White pepper

  • 3 inch piece fresh ginger, minced

  • avocado oil

  • White Miso paste (6-8 tablespoons) according to taste.

  • 1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil

  • 20 ounces Gluten free Ramen noodles

  • 1 bunch scallions, chopped finely

  • black sesame seeds (optional)


Turn the instant pot to sauté and wait for it to say “hot.” In the meantime, mince the onions and smash and mince the garlic. Add enough avocado oil to barely coat the bottom of the pot and add in the cubed beef. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Let the meat brown for 3-5 minutes, then turn to brown the other side then add in the onions and garlic. Once the onions are a bit translucent, add in the sliced mushrooms and minced ginger. Cook for another 5 minutes and then pour in the chicken broth. Re-season with salt, pepper and white pepper. Be sure to scrape the bottom to loosen up all of that flavorful goodness. Add chopped kale, then pour in the water and stir. Now, turn off sauté mode, and close the lid. Be sure to turn the sealing knob to “seal,” and then manually turn on high pressure for 15 minutes. Once the timer has finished for the full 15 minutes, allow it to sit and reduce pressure naturally for about 10 minutes. Then, release the rest manually.

After removing the lid, turn the instant pot back to sauté mode to cook the noodles according to package directions. Usually for gluten free ramen noodles, that’s just 30 seconds while the soup boils. Once it’s boiling, add the ramen and be sure to stir and separate as they cook. Ladle out one scoop of soup into a bowl and blend with miso paste using a whisk, then return to instant pot. Turn off sauté mode and put on “keep warm” for as long as you need. Lastly, add the chopped scallions and toasted sesame oil. Serve hot, topped with optional black sesame seeds. Enjoy!!

*I used partially defrosted steak tips for this recipe, but it totally works from frozen. For rock solid frozen meat add 7 minutes to cooking time. For fresh beef, subtract 5 minutes.

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