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Easy and Healthy Weeknight Meals

It's so easy to make resolutions to get healthy and fit, but it's another thing to DO IT! And, it's no secret that cooking has to be part of the clean- eating equation when you're on a health and fitness journey. If you have the luxury of hiring a private chef- awesome! Please share my recipes with them! However, if you're the one in charge of preparing food in your home (whether you consider yourself a novice or a pro), I'm going to make this easier for you. Here, I've compiled some of my favorite healthy weeknight dinner recipes that you simply don't need to think about, just follow ;)

This Italian classic is an easy weeknight dish everyone will love, and pairs perfectly with pasta (same delicious sauce!), and a veggie, but can easily be a Keto or Paleo dish without the starches.

Slow cooker beef stew is one of my winter go- to's, especially because it's a quick prep but cooks up in a slow cooker all day while you get other things done. Plus, it's so satisfying and delicious!

I’ve been making this veggie stir fry for years, and it has stayed in my food repertoire for good reason; it’s delicious, healthy and easy! Plus, you can switch it up with different veggies, or even add a protein.

This is one of my favorite ways to eat salmon, particularly because of a creamy sauce that is entirely formed in the oven with one simple step!

I devised this yummy Italian dish for family who loves to eat the classic Neapolitan flavors like tomato, basil, garlic and olive oil, but without the starchy white carbs.. and violá, La Napoletana was born!

Believe it or not, this is actually a copy- cat recipe of a soup I've had at a chain- restaurant (gasp!).. but made Fit- Foodie style, of course! It's so good, you'll want to make this crowd- pleasing slow cooker soup every week.

Take all the guesswork out of quinoa bowls with this easy to follow blueprint on how to make delicious quinoa bowls in a variety of cuisine styles from Greek to Mexican, American and Asian. These are great, prep- ahead dinners (or lunches) you can feel good about.

I love this yummy pasta dish, with no- cook sauce that's ready in a pinch while still offering a healthy dose of delicious greens with this classic basil pesto. Did you know that basil is an anti- inflammatory herb and detoxifier? I pair this sauce with an organic gluten- free pasta, and usually a side salad or veggie. Dinner? Done!

Now that you've got some healthy yummy recipes to fuel your week, get prepping and cooking! I'd love to know what you try!

Until next week-

Graziella XO

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