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How I got here: A Postnatal NICU Mom Story

On this Transform Tuesday I have a confession... several actually. 😬

1- When I was pregnant with my daughter, I suffered a terrible injury known as pubic symphysis disfunction which was pretty severe for me, causing me to not be able to exercise later in pregnancy and not even be able to walk w/out great pain & strain in my pelvic/groin region. This was caused by the hormone relaxin which “relaxed” my muscles way beyond their already super flexible state, and rendered my frame unstable. I was stunned. I was ANGRY. Why me?? Oh, and I wore this brace everyday in my last month of pregnancy which was month #6. I just reached 7 months when my little girl was born (more on that in another post). 👉🏼Fast-fwd to today. I now realize there is a GREAT lack of education in fitness for pre and post-natal women. I hope to bridge that gap in the coming months in my fitness program and community for women, here on

2- I never thought I’d get my abs back. This was also my 2nd pregnancy, having had a bad miscarriage 8 months before getting pregnant again. I thought it was a hopeless case especially since I continued to suffer from pubic symphysis till just a few months ago (my daughter is almost 3) as well as diastis recti (3.5 finger widths). Well, long story short- I did it! And it wasn’t an insane process either. I listened to my body, didn’t push too hard, but DID work hard, to my own personal fitness level and I did it AT HOME in just a few weeks, following the program that I’ve been developing & perfecting for years: DanceFit Form! I’m beyond excited about it and I hope to see you there👉🏼❣️

Postpartum Fitness Transformation
Fitness Transformation

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