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Favorite Fitness Finds

If there‘s one thing I’m always shopping for, it’s fitness gear! From sports bras and leggings of all types to weights, resistance bands, yoga mats and more, new fitness gear inspires me to get moving and stay on track! Pictured here are some of my latest favorites, which I have conveniently

linked up for you in my LTK Shop.

I fell in love with this hot pink workout outfit from Victoria’s Secret! I’m curvy and petite with an hourglass dance-body, so not

every athletic outfit fits me well, but this one does! The detail on the pants is very dance-inspired and the sports bra fits like a dream. Two Different closures make the bra extra supportive while still being super stylish and feminine, particularly dancer-like! The leggings are 7/8 length and high rise- hello, postpartum friendly too! Loving the way the fabric hugs my body.

The following fitness gear is what I use for DanceFit Form at-home barre, HIIT dance workouts .

Fitness gear for barre, HIIT, Pilates and more

I am brand new to and super excited to create curated product posts with all of the lifestyle things I love from fashion and fitness, to beauty and wellness. Exclusive content only available to my followers, so be sure to follow me at In fact, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is just around the corner (early access is now!), and I’ve already posted several worthwhile picks from the available sale items in fashion, home and beauty soon to come. Is there something specific you’re shopping for? Let me know! I am now accepting requests for special curated lists😉

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