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Are You Ready to Get into DanceFit Form?

The day has finally arrived, and we're officially open for business! DanceFit Form is so much more than a dance/barre- based workout that includes HIIT, pilates, yoga, and more.. it's an exuberant, healthy and positive lifestyle you'll get addicted to.. in a good way!

DanceFit Form, a dance and barre- based workout and online fitness program. #trainlikeanangel #workouts #fitnessprogram #nutritionplan
Graziella Baratta Ventura creator of DanceFit Form

How can you take a barre class at home? Simple: pictured here is all you need!

What does your studio membership include? You have two options for classes: you can choose to take a single class and pay per class, or you can get a monthly subscription for unlimited classes including all new classes added weekly plus an ever- growing video library of classes.

Because DanceFit Form is designed to be a comprehensive program, the optional (but strongly suggested) Nutrition Plan gets you the most phenomenal results, and fast. You get a complete clean- eating guide, weekly menus (seasonally themed), recipes, healthy tips, 7-Day Slim Down, Detoxes, seasonal challenges, access to the members-only community and more!  Recipes are not only delicious, slimming and fun, but they're family- friendly, allergy- friendly (customizable) and easy for any home- cook to prepare from omnivores to vegans.

Now the question is, are YOU ready to get into DanceFit Form with us? Let's do this, beauties!

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