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Frappuccino Mio

I know you’ve been anticipating that time when you would feel a silky cold sensation upon your lips while the summer wind breezes through your hair. You know what I’m talking about... your first iced coffee of the season!

Well I’ve got probably the cleanest iced coffee/ Frappuccino recipe you've ever had, AND it tastes a amazing too! It’s more of a cross between iced coffee and Frappuccino, and that’s why I call it “Mio*.”


8 Oz dark roast coffee

1/3 cup Whole coconut milk (I use Thai Kitchen Organic Whole Coconut Milk -canned in BPA free lining)

4-7 ice cubes depending how icy you like it

Dash or two of stevia

1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


Put all ingredients in a high speed blender like a vitamin, ninja or nutri-bullet, and blend well. The coconut cream will naturally rise to the top and mix with the ice to create a much healthier but equally tasty Frappuccino foam.


*In Italian "mio" means "mine."

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